About this fundraiser

I have been off on disability due to getting sick with Covid with complications. Unfortunately those funds have run out before the workers compensation claim could be completed. 
The company I worked for is fighting the workers compensation claim, despite the fact that the evidence shows I was in fact exposed at work, multiple times. I was working in a medical facility with less than appropriate infection control systems in place. 
I have gone through my savings and am on the verge of losing our home and vehicle.

 My child is who is going to suffer the most from this. She has been through numerous losses in her short life and is in therapy to help.  She would lose access to her current therapist and clinicians as we would not be allowed to remain in this area.  
I would have to find new physicians as well who are not familiar with my case, which could be detrimental to my ongoing medical care. I was recently enrolled in the long Covid program at UCSF and started on new therapy which I believe is helping. My goal is to improve enough to return to work eventually. 

I am unfortunately in the position of having to ask for help until either workers compensation is paid or other benefits are available . 

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Lorri B

Rescue, CA, USA