Latest update as of Jun 04, 2023

  • Let’s Keep the Energy Going !

    Thank you so much for continuing to lift up Kayle with loving support, donations, and prayers. We need that positive energy now, as we navigate some difficult test results and decisions.

    Kayle had 2 more biopsies, come back as invasive and in-situ cancer.
    This has been really hard to delay surgery while waiting on these tests, but we’re so grateful we are getting all the information to make the best choices for Kayle’s health. With these additional test results, the surgical plan will be more extensive than we initially thought, with a longer recovery and reconstruction.
    The surgeon at MSK breast cancer center wanted to be sure cancer is not hiding elsewhere, so Kayle had an MRI last week. Luckily, her left breast appears to be clear but there are some concerning lymph nodes near her right armpit and lungs.
    This will require further testing to determine if Chemotherapy will be recommended prior to surgery, as well as after recovery.

    We need everyone to lift Kayle up in prayer and positive energy !!
    Let her know, she is not alone. We are by her side, giving her strength to fight this battle and the peace she will need in recovery.
    Your messages, donations, and sharing this fundraising effort with others, means more than words can capture. There have been more than a few tears in the past several days…some of pain and fear, and some of laughter and joy.
    Let’s circle around Kayle and wrap her in our love. She is one of the strongest ladies I know !! Kick Breast Cancer, Kayle.. YOU GOT THIS !!

    Let’s Keep the Energy Going !

About this fundraiser

Kayle is a single mother of two amazing kids, and she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s also my cousin, but we are closer like sisters.  Kayle asked me to be by her side through this very scary time and to be an advocate on her behalf. 

Cancer is not something most people plan for. Even with Health Insurance in place, the medical bills will be quite a burden.  Please help support my loving, talented, and hilarious cousin Kayle with our fundraising effort to cover medical bills. 


Kayle is scheduled for surgery in a few weeks, followed by radiation for 1 month and then medication for 5 plus years.  We are still waiting on some test results to determine if she will need chemotherapy as well. The doctors are very encouraging, that this is a treatable cancer with great outcomes and survival rates. 

My hope is that Kayle will be able to focus on her treatment and recovery from surgery without the added stress of medical bills. 


Together, we can bring a little hope through our donations, and make a huge impact in Kayle’s life.  No one fights cancer alone! With an amazing surgical and medical team, love and support from family, her beautiful kids, and donations from our generous friends and family, Kayle will feel the power of this togetherness. 

We can walk by her side, by donating, sharing, praying, and cheering for Kayle when she Kicks Breast Cancer!!

Fundraising team

Stephanie Chabalko

New York, NY, USA


Aaron Ludwig

Team member
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This fundraiser will directly support

Kayle Koepke