About this fundraiser

This fundraising will help out a great caring friend Luis who owns a barber shop called, “Alpha” with his wife, which they are both very passionate about.  They have a home here in Sioux Falls South Dakota with their three children that are under 12.  With the both of them working to pay both mortgage and their barber shop, etc. It will be a big financial hardship with the health issue Luis is going through with his family.  This is really hard on them, due to the difficult decision to make like direction of where to go, or what to do has been very stressful to the point that there is a possible chance of giving up their passion that they have been enjoying together due to the medical situation that they are going through.  I ask for everyone who can help to please donate and pray for Luis and his family for the difficult time they are going through.  Anything helps!  God bless you all, and thank you.  They also don't know I am doing this for them.  Bless this family.

Organized by

Erick Phommaracksa

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA