About this fundraiser

I’m currently trying to figure out how am I going to pay for my children's education. Yes myself and my husband work full time. we can’t seem to make ends meet right now. We have started disconnecting things we don’t have to have. We only keeping the have to haves on. Sample- electricity- Mortage, water, basics. Where we are from the public schools are not very good at all. My son has a learning disability, and has to go to a school that can accommodate his needs. My daughter needs to be in a better environment . The public school system is failing our children. We work full time, and all bills have went up. we are living penny to penny and I’m sure many others can relate. I’m at my wits end- how can I afford there education. I was told to start fundraising, so I plan to try to make any extra side money to get any help. My problem is I work fulll time  and my husband works 14 hour days. Im really at my end of suggestions. i just really need help. I never reach out for help, but I am in a bind where i need to ask for help. 
please reach out if you have suggestions or ideas to help raise money . 

thank you all for reading.

Organized by

Amy Scherer

Kenner, LA, USA