About this fundraiser

Hi, I'm KJ. I'm a 31 year old nonbinary person and I use they/them pronouns. While I'm able to cover cost of my surgery through insurance and my own savings, there are a lot of other expenses for the recovery process.

This fundraiser would help cover

  • the hotel stay from the night before surgery through the day after my post-op appointment
  • recovery aids like a mastectomy pillow and bed support pillows
  • hygiene items like incision/scar care products
  • mobility aids like a step stool and grabber tool
  • other unanticipated costs like surgical revision or physical therapy that may arise during recovery

Pre-op Appointment: May 3, 2023
Surgery: May 19, 2023

My Story

My chest has been a major source of dysphoria since I was in third grade (approx. 8 to 9 years old). When my chest changed from flat to the earliest stages of puberty it forever altered how I moved in the world. From then on I always felt uncomfortable, like I was never truly at home in my body. I didn't know much about trans folks while I was going through puberty, but I still had the instinct to wear compressing garments like sports bras even when I was home alone or sleeping. 

I've identified as nonbinary (specifically agender) and trans since 2013. Realizing that my discomfort with my chest was dysphoria was a bit painful, but overall gave me a sense of relief. Being able to name what I was feeling was the first step in finding resources and community. I've put endless work into understanding and loving myself for who I am.

And while self assurance and gender euphoria are important factors in my well-being, they can't get rid of my dysphoria. In every waking moment I'm either all too aware of my chest or expending energy trying to pretend it doesn't exist. Top surgery will allow me to get all of that mental, emotional, and physical bandwidth back for other things. I miss the ease I felt in my body when I was a child and I want to come home to myself. I want to feel safe in my own skin again.

Thank you very much for reading and for your support!

Organized by

Kelsey Johnston

Lynden, WA, USA