About this fundraiser

Hello all! I am one of 3 Colorado finalists for the Karaoke World Championship coming up in August 2024 in Las Vagas, Nevada. Our KWC sponsors have tasked the winners with managing our own fundraising as opposed to a group fundraiser to help with travel costs to the finals.


Anything is appreciated, even a few dollars here and there can add up over time! My 10-year-old son and I are moving next month and with all of the associated costs, travel to the finals in August just won't be affordable. Please donate if you can, or share with others who may be able to!

I set the goal at $1600, as that is just over the average itinerary price I am finding for flight and hotel for the duration of the competition (August 10th to 15th). I set it a little above as prices will likely increase once I have raised enough to book the trip :)


There will also be an event at Blush & Blu in Denver on Friday, July 12th to promote the finalists fundraising efforts. We will be dolled up and singing all night long! If you live in the area, please come on by!


Here is a message I from one of our sponsors about the event at Blush & Blu :


**No Cover Charge at the Door**

- This will be an open karaoke show featuring all participants, with preferred and highlighted singers from Team Blush&Blu. These singers will have more opportunities to perform and can change outfits to showcase what they’d present in Vegas.

- Each participant will create their own Venmo or other digital fundraising account and will be responsible for promoting their own campaigns through printed materials, social media sharing, word of mouth, etc.

- Blush & Blu will provide the stage for these singers to showcase their talents to friends, family, and the public on July 12th 2024

- While we can assist with advertising, it is up to the singers to ensure their friends and family attend and donate directly to their fundraisers.

- We suggest that if anyone wants to request a specific song from these singers, they can tip the singer directly through their fundraiser link or Venmo.

Organized by

Mariah Burkhardt

Denver, CO, USA