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Hi. My name is Elizabeth. I come asking for help raising funds to help for my husband’s lawyer fees. He was deported three months shy of our son’s 1st birthday. And over the past three years in my husband’s absence we have learned that our son has autism with severe speech delay. 

And shortly after my mother had a stroke which left her impaired in her right ear. And unable to work. For the most part I’ve been able to support the 4 of us with help from family members. But it’s only so much they are able to give. Without going under themselves. 

My mother watches our son while I work overnight, but he’s becoming stronger and bigger than her and myself. Most day when I get off work I am dead tried, and Tuesday and Thursday my son has 3 hours of therapy and on top on my mom’s doctors appointments and her own therapy. Then I go to work for a 11 hour shift. If my husband was present he would have taking half of the finances and physical help of raising or son. 

Thank You for the Support.

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Atlanta, GA, USA