About this fundraiser

I had started to go through a light by accident and was tboned right as I came to a stop after realizing it and other vehicle was going fast enough to glip my car forward across the intersection landing on its top ! Totalling both vehicles and killing a passenger in my back passenger side on there speed alone because I had just came to a stop after hearing my daughter scream Mom stop as she saw the oncoming vehicle!   Main impact at front passenger side door ! I was wrongfully charged with DUI causing death ! I was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and after passing breathalyzer was asked to submit to a field test so I asked why and officer told me it was required if there was a fatality which I dont think is true but not knowing that these tests are set up for failure, I agreed because I had nothing to hide ! After acing test was told to turn around and put hands behind my back !! I said What do you mean ? Why? I agreed to blood test and officer lied and said I refused and I have a paper of consent for blood that I signed! The officer was so busy trying to wrongfully arrest me that the other driver was under the influence and driving on a revoked for dui to apprehend or arrest the right person ! The other driver wasnt injured but went to hospital where his blood was obtained ! He was then charged with dui causing death and driving on revoked for DUI !  Im not one to ask for handouts or help when needed but I am in desperate need to come up with $8,500 asap to insure thst I do not go to jail for a crime that I am not guilty of for a possible 3-15 yrs ! I have already paid $6000 to my lawyer! I am a good person that didnt deserve to have this happen to me and would be more than appreciative for any amount that you can afford and I am willing to pay back any donations given ! Also I think that donating to charity is 100% tax deductible so however much you can afford to donate you can claim it on your tax refund to get that money back! Thank you ahead for your help and also could use prayers for justice and truth yo set me free ! Dont fall victim to corruption as I did ! Lear the laws in your state yo protect yourself and if its offered and not mandatory then never ever submit to a field sobriety test because mo matter your age , race or class , these tests are notset up for ability but for failure  and unfortunately coos are willing to ho above and beyond to wrongfully arrest innocent people for DUIs nationwide ! I ni longer have any trust or faith in law enforcement and knowing that my life and others lives are in the hands of corruption and the officers dont lose any sleep over putting innocent people in jail and turning lives upside down  for merit , praise and most if all there pay raises! There are good cops out there but few and far in between ! So learn your laws and protect yourselves because the lengths these officers are willing to go to are totally unbelievable and can make it seem like your crazy when you tell people but as crazy as it may sound unfortunately will be true! Thank you to anyone who read this through and especially to everyone thats willing to help in my unfortunate nightmare! 

Organized by

Melissa Bailey

Charleston, WV, USA