About this fundraiser

My daddy…my hero and the first man I ever loved. Who doesn't want to do everything they can to ensure their parents are taken care of? And for my daddy…I'm all he's got!

Several months ago, my dad developed a medical issue making it nearly impossible to eat anything solid without getting sick. Because of that, he lost well over 130 pounds and became severely malnutritioned. Living on broths and jello didn't give him the nutrition he needed and as a byproduct became extremely weak and would barely get out of bed. 

In September, I became aware of the issue and sought out medical intervention for him so that we could get him on the road to recovery. Although he had seen a couple of doctors earlier in the year, the tests and procedures that they recommended would cost quite a bit of money for someone that did not have adequate insurance. I could not let that roadblock stop my dad from getting the care he needed and was fortunate enough to find a doctor that would accept my dad's case and allowed us the ability to pay his medical bills in payments.

He has since had to have 3 endoscopy scopes to try to determine the problem he was having with swallowing and keeping food down, along with several biopsies and finally a feeding tube placement, which after 2 weeks came out and was not able to be replaced which means that procedure must be done all over again.

Thankfully, the biopsies are clear and there is NO CANCER…Praise God! But the reality is that he still has a long road ahead of him to be able to get back to a healthy weight and to be able to eat again, which means the medical bills will continue to pile on for now, and with his current lack of insurance…we are left with paying out of pocket for anything he needs.

It takes a lot for us to open our hands and ask or accept financial help, but when you are faced with situations like this…we know that sometimes people just need to have some support to get through.

Organized by

Lynn Carpenter

Greenbrier, TN, USA