About this fundraiser

Please join me in raising funds to support Concho Animal Advocates. 

Concho Animal Advocates is located in northeastern Arizona, in the state's poorest county where there is a very high pet and feral animal population. Apache County has no animal shelter and no animal control department. The rescue and foster organizations in the area are over flowing and must regularly turn away animals in need. Feral cat colonies are very common, as are packs of feral dogs. Veterinarians are booked 6 and more months in advance for spay and neuter appointments. This adds to the problem, because, as we all know, some pets are escape artists and often produce oops litters. Concho Animal Advocates is seeking funding to purchase  or construct additional shelter for rescued and surrendered animals, and to put additional funding into its spay and neute  program.

Any contribution you make, no matter how much or how little, will be greatly appreciated and put us closer to our goal.


Thank you!

Meow, Woof

Organized by

Christine Mansfield

Concho, AZ, USA


This fundraiser will directly support

Concho Animal Advocates check

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