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I don’t know where to start. I was a medical case manager, executive assistant, worked for Epic…took care of others and Loved it. 
I’m in the process of disability and a malpractice lawsuit and my studen loans were discharged on permanent and total disability. For about two years now, I‘ve had no income other than my art and selling personal possessions. My preeclampsia nearly killed me and resulted in serious complications to my heart. three of my four valves are either in stenosis or regurgitation, and I have tried to work several times, but simply cannot function on my own on a daily basis. i’m dealing with serious damage to my internal organs, mainly my lungs and heart as a result of an auto immune disease called scleroderma/Sorjens syndrome as well. I’m about to turn 35.

I have heart failure, endometriosis, degenerative disc disorder, a traumatic brain injury, repercussions from pulmonary edema, resulting from my preeclampsia, and literally 28 other issues that I am not comfortable posting here, but would be happy to send to any individual worrying about donating. I love arts, specifically candlemaking, and resin, as well as upcycling furniture… And this is something close to my heart as my grandfather owned a candle shop. I’m re, and This is what was sent for my malpractice attorney requests… 

I was a medical case manager for several years, and asked for and advocated for several treatments before I was discharged. The first time that I was told were not necessary, and the second time I was admitted, they provided those exact treatments that I had been borderline begging for. My situation was so bad that my providers on my second visit were extremely apologetic, and my Nicu doctor was legitimately upset and devastated by hearing how things had panned out. She was a great advocate for me, and repeatedly said that it was incredibly negligent of the providers to discharge me. 

After  I was discharged the second time, I had a lengthy recovery and ended up suffering from postpartum psychosis for which I was also hospitalized. I feel this is a complication of my preeclampsia/near death experience as a I was concerned about bonding with my daughter and didn’t want to see her when I was still not sure if I was going to recover because I didn’t want to get attached to her before the possibility of someone catastrophic. 

 My physical health is still a concern and my doctor and I just went back through my history and had to find on her own that I should’ve been referred to a cardiologist based on the notes from my second admission and was never given a referral and my provider was never notified of the severity of my condition. I’m still working on scheduling with them. 

I also want to mention that one of the biggest frustrations I have been trying to come to terms with is that the providers that made the decision to discharge me were UW residence, working at Meriter. When this concern was brought to meriters attention, they acknowledged the concern, but said that they had no control over taking further action because the providers were UW providers. 

Because of my health, it’s been extremely difficult to get this matter addressed, as I spent several months recovering from the acute symptoms, and still have not fully recovered if not gotten worse. I’ve included a few links that my mom posted when I was in the ED the second time that shows the severity of my condition when I was readmitted. I really hope we can still discuss this. I can be reached at [redacted] if that is easier. I will keep an eye out for a message back from you. Thank you so much for getting back to me! 

as a sidenote, I wouldn’t normally include Facebook links, but I would like to mention that my mom was a detective for 31 years and very rarely gets concerned or stressed out about much of anything, let alone post anything about her concerns, and less she is very worried. The comments and images  should provide a little bit of context for how things were going. [links redacted]

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Heather Murphy

Madison, WI, USA