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Hello my name Micheal Sanders  I'm trying to help Mr. Granado back in February of 2023 Mr. Granado started going through hard times after losing his father Rev. Juan  Manuel  Granado to covid  at the time he was residing with his Godfather to help him  out in Fort Worth not knowing  that Sadness and heartbreaking news will be coming to his door step of the passing of his father and that's where it all began Father  passing  Godfather putting him out with no where to go days after father passing  car burning which eventually brought him to the Presbyterian night shelter with no where to turn sleeping out in the cold hungry not knowing where to turn then came more heartbreaking news he lost his brother Juan Manuel Granado jr  February of 2022 He was devastated because his brother is all he had left after feeling abandoned by his Godfather  I admire Mr. Granado  because even with him becoming homeless he still tried helping other people at the shelter location here in Fort Worth trying to get back on his feet with transportation employment  housing so I would want to help him get back into Society with a roof over his head or a car  something just to get him started so that's why I started this fundraiser  thank you  and God bless you for helping make this happen….

Organized by

Ricky Granado

Lubbock, TX, USA