About this fundraiser

My name is Deloris. I am a 59 year old retired teacher. I found out in August 2023 that I have NASH, a type of cirrhosis of the liver. I was an active person until I became sick. Now, I barely pay my regular bills. My insurance is through the state and what I owe has become over whelming. I’ve always paid my bills on time and I don’t ask for help. But, this time I need help, please. I can’t afford to pay these bills. I’ve been in the hospital for several weeks during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I go to doctors every week . My cirrhosis is decompensated which means i don‘t have a long time to live. My depression is getting bad. I cry everyday. I worry about my family, my health, and stress about paying to stay alive. I worry about my animals and who will take care of them. Please help me. Let me live to see my grandchildren grown and graduated. Some of my bills have gone to collections. I’m trying to send what I can. I need help, please. I will be forever in your debt. Just to see another spring would be a God send. God bless everyone who helps and I hope you never have to face what I’m facing everydayof my life. 

Organized by

Deloris Ledford

Haddock, GA, USA