About this fundraiser

Hi. I am fundraising for my fiance, Chuck. He is the sweetest man in this world, and I absolutely cannot imagine life without him. He and I have been in hospitals and physician offices since May 9th, 2023. We headed to the hospital on the direction of the cardiologist; but wound up staying. Chuck has spent weeks in hospitals, doctors' offices, and Cancer Treatment Centers/City of Hope. We thought we were going to the hospital for a heart cath; but we were ultimately told that he has lung cancer that has metastasized to lymph nodes, spleen, and liver. After 2 weeks in the hospital, besides cancer, he was told that he has 90% blockages in his heart and needs bypass surgery as well. The treatment team has decided that the lung will be the first focus. While we have been making trips back and forth for scans, biopsies, blood work, radiation consults, etc., we are to begin chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy ASAP. These costs will be outrageous, not to mention that he and I both have been on work leaves since May 9th. Please help us during this difficult time. We truly appreciate any and all help that you can give, and may God bless you.

UPDATE: On Thursday, June 29, 2023, Chuck had 4 strokes at once, while waiting to be called for a follow-up MRI at Cancer Treatment Centers of America/City of Hope. This occurred the day after his first chemo round, which likely contributed in some manner. 

UPDATE: We were sent from Cancer Treatment Centers of America/City of Hope to the ER again. We spent another week in the hospital, and he has been diagnosed with heart failure as well. Please continue to send prayers. Thanks so much.


Organized by

Michelle Maples

Locust Grove, GA, USA