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Hi I'm 54 yrs old. I went thru a terrible incident b4 getting my disability whereby I nearly died took almost 3 yrs to get close to normal again. This can make anyone lonely and stupid, isolated not knowing if I'll ever be me again. So I was lonely and niave and made a huge mistake. I believed I'd met Mr Right. But he got arrested after a breakup and called me to help. So I borrowed against my car title to bond him out now hes gone and my car will be soon. I have RA and it's severe. It's my only means for Dr's appt and grocery shopping etc. The loan was for 1200, but the interest is crazy. Even if I could make a 400 plus payment it would buy me some time. I have no one, family or friends I'm on my own. Plz I would be forever grateful and slowly repay you. Disability pays me 830 a month and I live alone, between utilities, rent and food I can't afford this loan. I'm old enough I should've known better but being sick for 3 years, I was lonely and I made a bad decision that without someone's help is gonna change the course of my life. I will have no way to see specialist, or buy food and necessities. I'll be trapped at home seriously depressed which I'm now because of my stupidity. Forgiving myself is hard when I see what I'm loosing my freedom to move about. My car is all I owned in the world basically.  It means alot enough ive learned my lesson, theres no way ill be able to purchase another on disabilty. I know this may seen petty but it means so much to me. Thankyou for your consideration. God Bless. I'm also including a picture of me 3yrs ago when I nearly lost my life, God wasn't ready for me yet but I sure thought I was ready to go I was in so much pain. But by the grace of God the other pic is of me now. Isn't God great.




















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Alisa Hawkins

Hephzibah, GA, USA