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I never thought I would have lung cancer,  i was diagnosed in 2019  with a tumor in both lungs. didn't want to believe the doctors,  I didn't want to go through chemotherapy and radiation. I wanted it to go away, I got phenomena in 2021. The doctors said it's not going to go way that I needed to see a pulmonary doctor and oncologist as soon as possible, and I did . He did the CT SCAN and  MRI. Made appointment to come back for results and the one I had had in the left lung was gone. But my right lung had  a tumor. He then had me get PT scan to see if the cancer had spread.  It did , I had a tumor on my brain just a little one. I agreed to get radiation on it. It worked it zapped that tumor away on my brain.  I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  I've been  improving, my tumor is shrinking, I had the radiation and chemotherapy.  I'm doing immune therapy now. I was homeless for a while. And I am currently trying to find a place on my own. Being on disability for epilepsy  sure doesn't pay for everything I need to rent a place  on my own. I don't have a car to get back and forth to my appointments.  I want to live for many more years.  I'm a fighter, my attitude is my support.  I thank you for donating to my fundraiser.

Robin Viard 



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Robin Viard

Lexington, SC, USA