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Good afternoon my name is Loretta Brown I'm the daughter of Mamie Mickey May my mother passed away suddenly on May 10th 2023 doing that time we have been waiting on her insurance company to approve her insurance policy doing this time we have found out that the insurance company is not going to proceed with her policy because they said that she had a pre-existent health condition which was not known to the family so now we are in the process of trying to proceed to lay my mother to rest as of yesterday Wednesday May 31st my mother has been at the funeral home for 3 weeks I'm trying desperately to raise the money for $7,000 so I can lay my mother to rest if there is any way possible that anyone that sees this would please please help to lay my mother to rest it will be greatly appreciated Yours Truly Loretta Brown and thank you in advance

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Loretta Brown

Gulfport, MS, USA