About this fundraiser

I am fundraising for my family. My husband is in rehab since December 2023 and need total care to come home. I am helping with my daughter , who's disabled and with my own disability.  We're been struggling since the pandemic All our savings has been spent on medical and household bills.

We have very little income from Social security . Any help you can give us will greatly be appreciated.

We are Seniors and it is very frustrating for us to ask for help, but I have exhausted every Avenue to get any resources. We have always worked and provided for our family. All of our investments income was lost during the pandemic because of unpaid and uncollected rents. We are giver's with a good and honest heart.

Thank you In advance for any help no matter how small or large.  Family and friends please continue to pray for us.  Jacqueline Richardson 

God bless.

Organized by

Jacqueline Richardson

New York, NY, USA