About this fundraiser

I want to start out saying I hope all is well on your end and thank you for taking the time to read this. My husband and I have fallen on some very hard times. He is currently 47 and up until September 2023 he was doing ok. Then he got VERY sick and we were given the news that he was no longer able to work due to medical issue. He was diagnosed with congenital heart failure, stage 3 kidney failure, diabetes, and all the small complications that go along with all this. We were told that he could no longer work and that I would be the sole provider. They also changed our entire living situation so he filed for disability. After being denied on several occasions, and HUNDREDS of money spent on medical bill, dr appointment, and home accommodations, we have reapplied and are being told that the new process will take about 10 months to get an answer. WE ARE SLOWLY DROWNING. We do not do anything extra or special. I work and come home Monday-Friday and have not miss a day until this last week when I became I’ll myself caused me to miss 2 weeks of work. I am asking for money for all his upcoming dr appointment copay’s, Specialist visits, medication as he is now on 12 per day, groceries to accommodate his new diet which is very expensive, and rent for February. Yes I am able to return to work on Monday but we are already behind and need help ASAP. Any little bit will help out greatly! Nothing is too small and if you are not in a place to help financially prayers would also and always be appreciated and welcome. To those that would rather help another way PLEASE reach out to me.

Organized by

Angela Roux

Royse City, TX, USA