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On January 2nd my grandpa Joel undergone a surgery where he had 6 inches of his colon removed due to having large polyps. He went through surgery and came out and was supposed to come home on Thursday which didn't turn out to well on Thursday night he was having issues with his heart which he went into afib they moved him from the floor he was on to the heart floor during the stay on the heart floor they were able to get his heart under control and stable during all the test but was having very bad issues breathing when his oxygen dropped to 70 which ended him up in icu. According to the respiratory doctor what ended him up in icu was due to having pneumonia and a lung infection also a hematoma on the lungs. They did put him on the bypap machine to assist with breathing until he could breath at 80 percent he is now off of the bypap and on regular nostril oxygen.  Joel is stable and getting better as of today January 10th still in icu but expected to return home soon. My grandpa is on day 8 of the stay in the hospital and him and my grandmother are on a fixed income once he comes home he will come home with oxygen until his lungs are back to normally he is expected to be out of work to recover for 3 weeks or longer with little income. Anything donated will go towards bills and medical expenses till he can get back on his feet and return to work.

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Cusseta, AL, USA