Latest update as of Apr 14, 2024

  • So, far the Kia doesn't qualify for the free engine replacement (vin number). We still owe $11,199 and the full engine replace is almost $7900. We are hoping with the combination of donations and our tax return we might be able to reduce what we owe on the vehicle as well or all of it depending on the donations. This way we would only have payments towards the new engine without the added $330 a month plus interest. Please, help us get out of this hole since I am unable to work because of my health. So, far it is looking like I have Sjögren's disease. Further testing is still needed. I am dealing with credit card debtors since I have not been able to make my payments and must appear in court for a $4,000 bill through Ashley's furniture. We need a new couch because ours was falling a part. As well as an entertainment center with doors we could drill lock into on the inside. I wanted to buy things that would last us and well looked nicer than the average Rose's furniture. Our son can't pick anything up and just push it over like our big netal trash can, ugh. Anyways, but in the end I fell ill and there's nothing we can do about it except as for help. I have done everything I could think of, but without an income we are stuck and Cave makes just too much for more than $100 in food stamps a month. We're okay, but we're not at the same time, if that makes sense. We don't want to lose Cave work vehicle and still have mounting debt and another vehicle to die on us.

About this fundraiser

THANK YOU for taking the time to read our story. It truly means so much to us. My name is Bria Metal and I am married to an amazing man named Cave. He has been my main supporter since my chronic illness first began to manifest after contracted COVID in 2021. In 2022 I fell ill again with COVID/Omicron, but this time, it was worse, a lot worse, and I did not fully recovered. I am working towards a hopefully not so long road towards recovery. After six months long COVID resulted in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). My most recent lab results show that I may have two autoimmune diseases Sjogren's (high 8) and lupus (max 4). For two years, I have not been able to work due to the extreme pain in my joints and muscles, as well as unrested sleep no matter what I do. Even normal activities are exhausting because of the chronic post-exertion malaise (PEM) that can last days. We are very overwhelmed and stressed financially. We are at a loss now that the KIA's engine has failed and its vin does not qualify for the free replacement, We live one paycheck to one paycheck. I tried working, but couldn't maintain it because of the joint pain and PEM. I wish I could do more for my family. That is why I have chosen to swallow my pride and ask for help.

We also have a barely used 2018 RV camper for sale (tow). If you are interested please let us know! Thank you.

Your contribution will go towards:

  1. Kia: $8,000 (engine) or $10,000 (payoff total)

A donation of $5 to myself or Cave can be sent through Venmo, Cash app or Zelle is best since this site takes a chunk from each donation and makes us wait many days for funds to process and transfer.

Thank you so much for everything! Sincerely, The Metal Family.



My most recent labs indicate possibly something more serious, especially since my symptoms are rapidly increasing. Please, keep us in your thoughts, hearts, and prayers! Thank you.💓

Organized by

Bria Metal

Fork Union, VA, USA