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Mia my yourkie had an accident . Her left eye is swollen and was at the veterinarian  thursday.the doctor said her eye needs to be surgical removed before it bust.if that happens I would have to get her to a er to extract and keep the stuff from going in her blood I think. I have a appointment on Wednesday to have it removed but do not have enough funds to.pay fof it. Am on social security only. I don't know if they will still do it if I don't raise any money,or turn me away,I would hope not but I don't know. The total is 2760.00 xrays of heart and blood test and the procedure and follow up.i love her more than any lost my wife so Mia is the one that keeps me going .now I need to keep her going. She is really the one that . Anyway I thank you very much. 

Thanks Allen

The vet is San Benito animal hospital in San benito Texas. 

Organized by

Allen Wilce

Harlingen, Texas, USA