About this fundraiser

Those of you know don’t know. Michael has been going through some serious medical issues for the last few years. They came out of the blue and has been an ongoing medical issue. We have done our best to make it better for him. He was doing a bit better, but symptoms have progressively started to come back and a little bit more than expected. We are seeing a fantastic doctor. He has made it to where Michael is Doing better. But as time goes on he is starting to have other symptoms pop up. The doctor needs some testing but the insurance won’t cover a lot of it. The  insurance won’t cover most of it. And the tests are expensive but necessary. These tests are super important to see what’s going on so we can figure out the next route of care to help him. But without this we are stuck in limbo without answers to how to treat this. I have never asked for help like this. Michael is the main stream of income for our family. He will need to be out of work for over a week to do the complete set of testing the doctor needs done. This is an expense we can’t cover. I am asking if anyone could and would help us get the testing we need. I would be forever grateful! This man is my whole life. And I want to help him get the necessary testing and treatment he needs. As soon as we get the money together the Sooner he can get his testing done. Thank you to you all. Prayers are also welcome!

Organized by

Christina Nelson

Umatilla, FL, USA