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Hello im Ann I have been out of work since first of 2024 taking care of my Daughter Dystany  who was diagnosed with congested heart failure  in April 2023 its been a ruff journey  to say the least . Shes been in and out of hospital  since 2024 . And with us starting  to Drive to the Mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota  which is 11 hour drive every month . But as  of April 15th she was put in to the hospital  with blood clots in her lungs and pneumonia. On May 2nd she under went a Open heart surgery  and they placed a L Vad in . This is to prolong her life . So I've been In Minnesota at hotel hopefully to go home soon . But we  still have to travel to Minnesota  monthly for a while and to places weekly for blood work and Rehabilitation for a year ..  so I'm still not able to work . This has been a struggle for me to even ask for help but I have went threw all my savings  and  no place to turn . Any help would and would greatly  be appreciated  from me and my family  and will take a huge relief and stress off of me and I can stay focused  on her  and her health issues Thank you so much for taking your time to read my story and to help me tremendously  

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Ann Leonard

Clarksville, IN, USA