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Hello I am in desperate need of help. My beautiful aunt passed away on June 5 , 23. She passed away suddenly from a heart attack and a brain anyurism. She did not have insurance. My mother ( Lena sister) has always worked hard but unfortunately had to go under multiple surgery's. She is now disabled. She has no money. My family is disabled due to mental health issues. We need help so bad. I am waiting disability to start due to PTSD, deep depression, severe anxiety, night terrors, flashbacks etc. I have called everyone and every place I can. My entire family is working together to get money for her funeral. We have until Monday June 12 to get the money for her funeral. My family has came up with 500$ together. We are even trying to sell our appliances out of our home. The only vehicle we have. My family lost someone who was so close to them. Family is all we have. And they haven't even been able to grieve at all. My mother aline hasn't rested 5 mins since she passed. She is so stressed about this. My family is hurting so badly. I feel so bad for begging people to help. We don't know what else to do. We are a kind family and will help anyone if we can. God put me here on this earth to help others. I am begging , on my knees please help us. Y'all are my last hope. The funds will go directly to 

Craven Shires funeral home

Bluefield WV

My name is Adrienne shouse. My number is 5408381329. My mother is Shelby woodie and her number is 3048009926. 


Y'all please. My family is suffering from this. I am heartbroken from her death. But I am also watching my mother suffer. It is killing me. Please. I have called social services, churches, community action, salvation army, red cross, etc. Like I said you can call the funeral home directly and donate to them. It would be appreciated more than you will ever know. And I promise when I get money I will help someone else. Thank you. No amount is to small. We are desperate. Please help

Organized by

Adrienne Shouse

Christiansburg, VA, USA