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The help will be for me. I've been married 53 years with 5 daughters 14 grandchildren 4 great grandchildren. I've helped my kids and grandchildren as much as I can. My wife has krons and fibromyalgia, her infusions every 8 weeks are $7,000 of which we owe $1,000 each visit. I have stage 3 kidney disease, enlarged heart, high blood pressure, embolism in the aorta, diabetes, heart trouble. I've tried to do this for 53 years now. Honesty I have no idea how much longer I have? I'm NOT SPECIAL you don't owe me s penny. However I would be greatful beyond words for a donation. Before I die I would like to visit family in Washington, then maybe go to Canada and then Alaska. Visit family in California and if there is time see some of the United States. Thank you so much Tim 

Organized by

Timothy Martinez

White City, OR, USA