About this fundraiser

It all started with a normal ear infection, a typical childhood illness. Fast forward a month and we are sitting in the E.R. for the second time, in a month, with a not-so-normal ear infection, and my 7-year-old. He is a very kind, timid boy. This experience was not easy on him by any means. He had minor surgery to relieve the pressure and clean the abscess. Unfortunately, he had to stay awake for the procedure and felt most of it. Seeing this as a parent was heart-wrenching. The following days included more procedures and an abundance of IV antibiotics. On day two his IV failed. This turned out to be worse than the procedure to clean his ear. The medical staff has to dig through his veins for 2 hours to find a working vein to proceed with the treatments. 

We were eventually discharged with oral antibiotics. However, the journey has not ended there. Our son needs follow-up care as well. This includes office visits with ENT, imaging, and possibly preventative or reconstructive surgery.

Our family is hardworking, my wife and I work opposite shifts trying to provide for our children. Your assistance with these medical costs can help elevate much stress and finical burdens. We can focus on being a family, they can focus on being children. We humbly as for your help, with much love and gratitude.

Organized by

Austin Blubaugh

Tucson, AZ, USA