Latest update as of Mar 28, 2024

  • Earlier this week, another paracentesis (#5 for the month) was performed due to more fluid building up. We have been following up all week with the two separate offices to which referrals were made and have yet to secure an appointment. We are so grateful for all the donations received so far and will continue to update you!

About this fundraiser

Freddie Jo won’t ask for help, so I’m asking for him. If you know him, you know how stubborn he is. Unfortunately, that stubbornness caused him to put his health on the back burner because he was “fine.” He is now fighting to get his life back, and we’re trying to navigate the healthcare system without medical insurance. It is an uphill battle. He was admitted to the hospital on 3/3 due to complications from cirrhosis, and the doctor told him with the current state of his liver, he would have 6 months, but with treatment, he could have more time. He had a paracentesis done, and the doctor prescribed medications to take in the interim. Due to cost, he had to forgo some of the initial medication options; just one medication cost $3,000. Between then and today (3/22), he has had 3 more ER visits, all of which included additional paracenteses to alleviate some of the fluid building up in his abdomen. We have hounded the specialist who received the referral but have yet to get an appointment. Once he gets in, we hope to start treatment quickly and have more time for him to enjoy life and for us to all make more memories. This fundraiser is for the cost of care and living expenses. He will be out of work for the foreseeable future. We’ve started the process of applying for disability but have been told it will take around 5 months to complete. As I said before, he’s stubborn and would never ask for help, but I’m asking you to help us make things a little bit easier for my Uncle Freddie. We are grateful for anything received and will continue to update. Thank you! - Jess

Organized by

Jessica Johnston

West, TX, USA