About this fundraiser

My wife will be laid to rest. My wife was crossing the road when 2 drivers ran over her. the first driver didn't even stop & the 2nd driver stopped for a minute and drove away fast leaving her dying in the road.but a guy who was just coming home spotted her and stopped a city bus from running her over again.i would be grateful for anything you can give because my wife was the one who was taken care of us because I don't have a job right now and. I can't get her put in her resting place.I need it before the end of next month. Because I  now have to get her taken care of and find a way to make the rent next month . My only wish is that those 2 drivers will be found and be brought to Justice. I will be truly grateful for anything you can give me for my Annie 

Organized by

Michael Elgin

Lakewood, WA, USA