About this fundraiser

On April 1st, our baby Nala suffered a sudden spinal injury which has caused paralysis of both of her back legs. Because of the pain she was experiencing, she anxiously began to pant excessively and overwork her lungs— leading to swelling of her trachea and fluid development in her lungs. In the moment, our plan was to get her across the border to Tijuana to be treated at an affordable emergency pet hospital, but with the condition she was in and being unable to breathe, we knew we would not make it in time.

Nala is now at an emergency pet hospital in Chula Vista, where she has been overnight. She is currently intubated and sedated, which is keeping her stable and her pain tolerable. Our plan is still to get her to Tijuana; however, due to the swelling of her airway, Nala is unable to be transported at this time due to the fear that she will not be able to breathe on her own. 

We are asking for help because until she is stable enough to be safely transported without intubation or sedation, she is remaining in the current pet hospital she is in. Our hope is that within the next day or two, Nala will have the time she needs for the tissue swelling to reduce allowing her airway to clear enough to get her safely to Tijuana. With this, the medical bill is raising higher than we were ever prepared for, and any type of assistance would be appreciated and helpful during this time. 

Our pets are our family, we want to do everything we can to get our Nala home.

Thank you very much. 



Organized by

Marissa Perez

San Diego, CA, USA