About this fundraiser

First off, if you are seeing this and even can't donate please share, and tell them to share & so on. Thank you!

I am in desperate need of dental work done. I understand that my goal does seem like a lot, it is not cheap what I need to have done. For one dental implants the cost is anywhere from 1k to 3k averaged. On top of that, there is other work needed. 

I have to get a total reconstruction & dental implants which is not cheap. I get multiple tooth abscess infections a month, which is now starting to take a toll on my health, mainly my heart. With each infection, it is weakening it. I can barely eat without having any pain, missing/cracked teeth & all my fillings have came out. I am a single mother, so I really need to get this done to get my health back on track. 

I have to pay this upfront in order to even get this done, then if any is not used it gets returned. If that's the case, I will be donating it to another person who is in need of help with medical. 

You have no clue how much this would mean to me if you could help with anything! 

Organized by

Jena Petrowsky

Sullivan, WI, USA