About this fundraiser

After losing my dad to his treacherous battle with Multiple Myeloma and my grandmother a week after from dementia, my mom deserves a vacation. My mom served as a caregiver for our family during very hard times which included moving from Arizona to Florida for better access to medical care with specialist in the field being located in Florida. When my dad and grandmother passed my mother fell into a deep depression of grief. She was forced to sell off/ leave many things behind in Florida and move back to Arizona. She works along side special needs children. this makes it hard for her to save money. 

 My dad Surpassed his 4-5 year prognosis by about 10 years giving my mom so much joy. Before he died, he called me. A week before; talking about taking my mom on a vacation. I later found out my dad wanted to rent an RV and travel to Niagara falls before he passed. I would like to take my mom to Niagara Falls in honor of my dad, in appreciation for the sacrifices she makes on a daily. I would like my mom to feel a sense of happiness and legacy of my dad’s spirit being with her. She deserves this so much.


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Organized by

Rebekah Levens

Surprise, AZ, USA