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Sadly, last night I got a called at 2:00am to get sad news 24 yr old Nicholas Alarcon died after being released from jail with a drug overdose.  How did Nicholas get a drug overdose after he’s released from jail ? By the time the ambulance got there it was  too late !  I have known Nicholas since age six coached him till age 13 a brilliant defender like Argentina’s Gonzalo Montiel who scored the FIFA World Cup winning penalty kick .  I carpooled Nicholas  to practice , treated him like my own kid took him for his Birthday to see an MLS game  Galaxy vs FC LA and to dinner.  He had the attitude of a World Cup Champion .  In a toughed Cal South Club game in Goleta CA my team manager forgot my extra Argentina jerseys and my new registered players from Tulare CA couldn’t play without a jersey . We played with ten players and I assigned Nicholas to give our opponent best striker a hair cut ! They battled like gladiators both got a yellowed card. The other coach subbed out their striker and I asked Nicholas to take a water break to cooled him off but he refused to come out to prevent the other team from scoring . The referee lineman was laughing! It was hilarious seen Nicholas on fire defending his goal like Rafael Marquez in his prime with FC Barcelona. He asked me to adopt him to make him a pro player but after his parents separated I begin to lose him missing practices and can tell he was hurt emotionally.  After his mom separated from his dad Nicholas was a 12 yr old kid vulnerable to the streets.  football helped Nicholas survived his high school years but  once he got a realiity check peer pressured pushed him into a reckless life leaving behind a 3yr old boy, 2yr old boy and a 7 month baby boy . Im shocked  to see  Nicholas died from a drug overdose.  Julio Ceser Chavez is fighting a battle with his son Julio with drug addiction .  Im calling on  boxing champions , Oscar De La Jolla,,  Zaul Canelo Alvarez ,  FIFA Boss  Gianni Infantino , Lionel Messi , MLS, ,Christiano Ronaldo,  NBA legend Michael Jordan ,  Lakers legend  Magic Johnson , Roger Federer ,.  These were the  champions Nicholas looked up when I coach him in soccer.  im sure the people who met Nicholas and his teammates will be sadden to know of his passing.  He was a beautiful soul who simply didn’t know how to avoid evil people.  He was too young to leave his three baby boys , family, friends, and may God forgive him and find peace in heaven.  I will really appreciate  your  financial support to pay for his funeral expenses $15,000 US Dollars .  

Organized by

Lorenzo Cisneros Magaña

Bakersfield, CA, USA