About this fundraiser

My family (fiancé Rebecca, daughters Alexia and Jacqueline, son Killian, and myself) are currently facing a quit or pay notice with eviction looming afterwards. I had started a good job in August and things were going well, until I got a severe skin infection that lingered and spread multiple times. Working around food and having an infection just doesn't pan out, along with medication that was knocking me for a loop it wouldn't be safe to work around the equipment at job. Rebecca unfortunately is unable to work due to chronic severe anemia, which has left her body weak and prone to getting sick extremely easy, as well as the need to care for our children (our son is non verbal autistic). Once I was finally moving past the infection, our car broke down. We've been trying to work on it, but have had no success so far and cannot afford to take it to a mechanic. Our house isn't the best, but it has been my home since 2012 and there's since 2018. We have been looking to move, also with no luck, when everything happened. At this time we're just trying to make sure they're taken care of and to preferably not lose our home before we can get into another place, get our car fixed, and I return to work. Thank you for reading, happy holidays, and thank you from all of us.

Organized by

Eric Bomar

Lynchburg, VA, USA