Latest update as of May 17, 2024

  • Thanks to whoever donated but i still am needing a littlenhelp, yall please, just woting for unemployment or an actual job to come thru. Anything helps. Please yall.

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lost my job and have ran out of resources.  I just need some help until i start working again. I am activity looking and will not stop until im employed again. I dont have any kind of income at all no child support no food stamps , no nothing. My power will be off soon my animals are hungr  and so are me and my daughter.  She is 11 and autistic.  We have 1 dog and 2 cats and both cats recently have kittens, they are running out of food and we just used the last of the litter. My phone will go off in a week and that will make it hard to job hunt. I have no gas in my car to even get anywhere. Times are hard and i hate asking for help. My mom is tapped out and i dont have any other family that can help.  I have added the Georgia power barcode that can be used at dollar general and some other locations, i have also added a link to pay on my phone which needs 60-70$ paid to keep ot on.  Thanks in advance yall dont know how much i appreciate any help i can get.

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Amy Nash

Cave Spring, GA, USA