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In 2004 my net worth was 1.4 million. Got divorced in 2004. X played dirty, lied to police n they gave me 15min to pack a suitcase. She got contents of house,then worth 100grand. She stole my nusmatic hobby that I had for 25yrs. Silver bullion, Susan b Anthony bags from us mint, never opened. Gold, Morgan, peace dollars, proofs,back in 2004 was easily worth 100grand!!! Stupid me I gave her 150 grand up front to buy her out of alimony n my business!!!she had 5 attorneys, I had 1 who did not protect me!!!I'm 76yrs old now .living in a assisted living, complete Care. They take my ss ck 2450$ a month n give me 140$ a month!!! Plus I have buy my own laundry detergent and bathroom supplies, n more.i need oxygen from copd. I need feel good money!! For Pease of mind. Love n prayers to all of you!!! [email protected] 

Organized by

Thomas Rioux

Passaic, NJ, USA