Latest update as of Jun 11, 2023

  • Boker has been admitted.

    After a long night drive…Intake has been done at TAMU. New X-rays, CT scan, blood work, wound care, pain control, fluids, and antibiotics today. Orthopedics will likely take a look at his chart but won’t get started on treatment until he is stable enough for surgery. He is looking at multiple surgeries most likely - which we didn’t anticipate. Quality of life is what’s most important and those questions have been asked to vet. They will be passed to the orthopedic as well so we know that we are making the best choice for Boker. As of now, we feel treatment is the best option and can’t imagine life without this guy. Not only does our family love him, he’s become a regular up close and personal favorite to our customers and life wouldn’t be the same without him.
    We will update as we can.

    Boker has been admitted.

About this fundraiser

Boker is a yellow lab and is loved so much by his Family.  Today he dug a hole and got out of the backyard fence.  Moments later, he was hit by a fast moving truck.  The driver honked at him but never slowed down and didn't stop to help him.  Thankfully another driver saw the incident and stopped to help.  Because Boker has a collar on him that has contact information, he called his mom and she immediately rushed him to the Animal emergency Hospital.  She noticed when she got to him that he wasn't able to use his back legs.  After the x-rays, it was discovered that Boker has a fractured hip, a dislocated hip, a fractured broken pelvis and the other hip is dislocated.  His hip bone is pushing against his L6 & L7.  Also many bone fragments.  He has been rushed to Texas A&M Veterinary Hospital where there he will be seen by an Orthopedic Surgeon.  They have stated that his surgery will cost between $12,000.00 & $15,000.00.  Boker is only 4 years old.  He is the sweetest and most loyal best friend anyone could ask for.  He is the happiest and loves his family.  He is family and full of life.  Three little boys will be devastated if Boker cannot be saved.  His mom, Emily will be lost without him.  Please help if you can.  No one is ever prepared for such a tragedy.  We thank you for any support you can give! 

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