Latest update as of Nov 08, 2022

  • Ivy vet emergency

    Ivy has been to her 1st appointment. The injury on her neck has been shaved and cleaned. She has medication at this point and is being monitored at home. She has her next appointment on Friday to reevaluate the wound and at that point may require some stitches to fully close the wound. You may have seen the photos on FB. Its as awful as it looks. IVY is a strong brave girl.

About this fundraiser

The past 2 weeks have been difficult to deal with twice now Ivy has had emergencies. My sweet girl has ear infections and scratches them. This caused major bleeding that involved stitches. This was trauma enough. However she had to wear the cone of shame. Said cone ended up cutting into her neck causing a large laceration that now has infection and needs stitches. My poor baby is dealing with a lot and I am overwhelmed with the cost. If you know me you know that my babies mean the world to me. I will give them everything I have. They give me the strength to function every single day. If you can help at all I would be the most grateful fur mommy. Thank you 

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Deana Vanhemert

Milwaukee, WI, USA