About this fundraiser

Hello. I'm a disabled woman with very low income. I'm having to resort to asking for help. 

Due to the toxic environment I live in; for my safety and mental health I have to move. 

Sometime in April, I will be getting a studio apartment in Claremont as I'm next on the list and I need help with a security deposit and first month rent. I'm waiting for confirmation on amount. 

Due to my many disabilities; I'm unable to clean, pack or move my stuff in my bedroom where I live now on my own. I have no help at all so I have to pay for cleaners/packers/moving truck. 

I also am in need of an clean air conditioner and clean microwave. I need new pillows and sheets for my queen bed. Those are just my necessities. Other items I need I can get from the dollar stores.

I have no idea how much any of this will cost and YES I contacted various services for help with no luck.

God bless and thank you for reading. Any amount will be grealy appreciated. 

Organized by

Hollyanne Phelps

Nashua, NH, USA