About this fundraiser

Hi Everyone,

I hope all of you and your familie, are doing well.  My name is Ottielie Acuna, and back in May of 2023 I became very ill.  My roommate found me unconscious in my room, she called 911, and.  I was rushed to the local hospital.  I had fallen into a coma for a few weeks, due to Sepsis, which is a life threatening infection, that damages your organs.  Causing them to fail, and even leading to death in some unfortunate instances.  Gangrene had set in, which is a bacterial infection that cuts off circulation and blood flow to your organs.  Due to this, my hands and legs above the knee were amputate.  Thank GOD I am still alive and doing well.  I am trying to raise funds to pay my shared cost of $1896.00 every month in order to stay in my Skilled Nursing Facility, until I get my hands and legs.  If I cannot pay, I will be sent home to fend for myself, which obvious I cannot due at this moment being that I need around the clock care.  As well as physical and occupational therapy. Anything you can donate, would so appreciated and a huge Blessing.  Thank you so much for listening to my life as it is now.  I am still happy and Blessed, and looking forward to a great future with my lovely and precious daughter, and our wonderful friends and family.  Please stay healthy, happy and safe.  GGD Bless.

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Ottielie Acuna

Gilroy, CA, USA