About this fundraiser

Over the past few years, my mom has done so much for our family, her friends, and people she doesn’t even know, and now she is on the verge of being homeless with a new grandbaby and no help from anyone other than myself. I have tried to help her but I don’t have the funds to move her to my house or pay for her to get set up somewhere while she looks for a job, even though she’s been diagnosed with cancer, she doesn’t want anyone else to know until they have to because we just recently lost our great nana. If you are unable to find it in your heart to donate, please share this and prayer for a miracle for my mom to be taken care of and be able to focus on her treatment instead of bills if we can raise the money to help her get here and out of her old home.  Thank You! 

Organized by

Mara Andrews

Pensacola, FL, USA