About this fundraiser

Please help our cat J.D. who jumped of something & broke his Femur bone he needs surgery or I'll have to put him to sleep & he is only 2 years old & the sweetest cat but he is in pain right now.

My husband passed away at the end of 2022 right after we got J.D. our cat & his sister my husband died 6 months later 

My daughter and myself are both disabled and unable to work to get the money or we would we had to move & everything it's been hard on us.

I have seizures and extreme pain all the time my daughte has adhd & autism he is a therapy animal for us & seems to know when we are in need him.

If anyone can help please do we would be so grateful we have lost so much already we don' wan to lose him too.

I have tried to get help but I was told no or didn't hear back so the vet said to try this as well.

Please help our cat J.D. he is the best cat & a sweetheart too & a great therapy cat for us.


Organized by

Amy Young

Las Vegas, NV, USA