Latest update as of Apr 01, 2023

  • Update 4/1/23

    I found where to create updates!
    So now is my chance to say THANK YOU for your generous donations.
    From Joshua's community, that stretches across the USA to the UK and even Poland, to the friends of family members that don't even know Joshua personally, you all came together to show support, love and compassion through well wishes and donations. $2800 was donated in addition to the donations listed here. Thank you.

    We have used funds so far for medical expenses and living expenses. When Joshua was discharged without having to go to rehab, we had to come up with a place for him to live on short notice. Your donations made that possible.

    If you've been following Joshua's Caring Bridge site, you'll know that he had two brain surgeries and spent all of February in the hospital, and was discharged on March 6th. He is now going to outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/cognition therapy in nearby Viroqua. He is able to live independently, do simple household chores, but not yet able to drive. He continues to have follow up appointments with a number of specialties in Madison, a 2 hour one-way trip for us.

    Joshua's goal is to be able to return to his work as a Eurythmy teacher in the fall. Until then, your donations are making it possible for him to pay his living expenses and other medical-related expenses. THANK YOU.

    We will continue to post on the Caring Bridge site, right now that's about once a week.

    Here's a photo of Joshua having a celebratory breakfast on his first full day out of the hospital.

    Update 4/1/23

About this fundraiser

On January 30 Joshua was diagnosed with a large prolactin-producing tumor in his brain. More information about his condition is on his Caring Bridge site at

His first surgery was on Feb. 10 and  a second surgery is currently scheduled for 2/23. 

Joshua has taken a leave of absence from his job, so has no income at this time. He will need a period of inpatient rehabilitation and then a place to live. His current living situation, without electricity, running water and requiring wood heat will not be suitable until he is fully recovered, which will take some time. 

We will use funds for any medical copayments, supportive complimentary care following hospitalization, and a safe living environment for Joshua in which to complete his healing. 

This platform does not have the option for us to email you our thanks, but know that Joshua and all of his family deeply appreciate your support. Thank You! 

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Charlene Elderkin

Viroqua, WI, USA