About this fundraiser

We had our power cut yesterday.  I was on a payment t plan  .Halfway through ,I missed my payment March 2, because I needed tires.  So I waam waiting for my tax return and I would've paid it wen i got it but they cut me off two weeks later .and my tax return is 3 days late already . With check back later status . And we need $ 1200. To paying off which  I will have. 

So I spent almost everything I had last night on a room and meals .I am broke .my kids are at school and probably think I  fixed this. ike I always fix stuff but I could not fix this .they are 16 and 17 yeas


It's Friday I need a generator, money to run it and food  for me and my two kids. My husband is disabled. And we need $To pay it off..when I get the money  I will .but for now we need  this weekend cash .  found a 4000 watt for $200 and I need it's big and good for the house .all our food is ruined .haven't ate  nothing. Kids will be home soon. .

Whatever help I get for my family I will forward x10 I am good person and I like to help people .I need help so bad .Thank you 

Organized by

Elizabeth Hardrick

Newburgh, IN, USA