About this fundraiser

ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME, KNOWS THAT IM A STAND UP DUDE. I hate asking for help. IM USALLY THE ONE HELPING.  Now I Desperately need help. I live on disibility which is  $914 monthly It jus covers my mortgage so i hussle to make it. I was a pt AAA drivee iwas able to pay all my bills & help others out with a place to stay n food if needed.  I was in the AAA truck & a ricerocket going at lightning speed apparently touched the front of the AAA truck with his left blinker. Honest i didn't know he had touched the f150 all I saw was a flash speed by. I get home & all hell breaks loose, apparently I hit n run a MC. Never would i do that. Long-short I was jailed for felony hit n run lost job n lost my license. Then i lent my Silverado out and the person got it impounded. I couldnt afford the fee so i lost the truck. So I had supposed friends staying with me to help out with bills a d giving me rides to n from Dr's appointments. Well not only did they not uphold their end of the deal they removed the insurance off my car didn't pay any electric bills and didnt help with my property tax. They took a tv n other stuff and split. SO PLEASE PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN ANYTHING PLEASE.

I will do what I can to get it back to you in the future.

Organized by

Joe Kirchner

Fruitland Park, FL, USA