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Lastnight the most horrific thing happened. My puppy was runnning behind my son into the house and it was very windy the door slammed shut onto his neck causing his eye to pop out of his eye socket. Immediately when I saw what happened I rushed him to the nearest 24 hr veterinarian hospital. They had me pay 185 dollars just to tell me that he needed immediate surgery that would cost me 4,786 dollars. They also gave me a 2nd option that if I can not afford the surgery I can surrender the puppy and it’ll be theirs. We just got the puppy right before Christmas as a Christmas gift for my son . His name is Cooper we are very much attached to him and he is now a part of me and my family. I can not surrender him and I can not afford his surgery. If anyone could please help I would greatly appreciate it . Thank you in advance. 

Organized by

Carline Clervin

Oakland Park, FL, USA