About this fundraiser

Anna's HSCT treatment fund for Lupus of the brain. HSCT is not a cure but it's very close to one. HSTC slows/stops the progression of lupus. Once you receive a letter or email stating that you have been accepted and it’s 100% for sure, here’s an idea for an update. Don’t post videos every day asking for money, don’t say you’re begging them. Yes I know you’re sick, remove some of your posts.

Here’s an update idea:

Update January 2023. Hello everyone, great news, I have been accepted for a trial in California! This is very exciting! I will no longer need over 50k for the treatmen  but would choose first Mexico HSCT center. I will be taking time off work as well and due to my illness, I do not have any sick or vacation time to use. Please donate if you are able to do so. Every little bit helps. If you are more comfortable sending a gift card, cash or putting funds towards my rent, i’d be happy to give you the information. Thank you so much for your time, you have no idea how much I appreciate everyone’s kindness and generosity during this difficult transition. 
Love, Anna

Organized by

Anna Hudson

Juneau, AK, USA