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After being misdiagnosed for over two years, and undergoing intensive diagnosis and treatments out of pocket for a mysterious debilitating neurological condition Razi’s condition worsened. What started with muscle twitching dizziness and vision disturbances grew to convulsions, heart rate changes and weakness. Then swallowing and digestion issues. Various clinics and hospital stays did not yield definitive answers. One treatment resulted in blood clots from her neck down her right arm. Treatments weren’t working…then she underwent a biopsy for a rare condition. 

 Bedridden for nearly three years since symptoms appeared her muscles, nerves, vision, mobility, swallowing and limb weakness are affected, she was finally diagnosed with a rare synucleinopathy- via biopsy..

Prior to this she was an active mother homeschooler entrepreneur, publisher, speaker and activist. To know Razi is to know her soft spoken manner, her steadfast stance for freedom and liberty, and her love of making people laugh and feel seen.  First and foremost motherhood was her proudest calling.

 Razi had to close her business of 18 years due to decline in nervous system function, leaving her unable to perform daily tasks. Although confined to the bed due to weakness, autonomic and mobility issues, we are grateful that her voice is strong as is her will to fight! This uncertainty has been devastating for her and her girls. 

A single mother of two daughters, they have a lot to fight for. With this rare diagnosis the doctor recommends stem cell and neuro immune treatments. There are no guarantees of healing with the treatment but if you feel led to give, you will join in our hope that miracles can happen. 

Funds will go toward a nurse advocate, transport and treatment to inpatient center for an initial two week inpatient stay for treatment when goals are met, and to ease the financial burden the illness has brought to her and her daughters. 

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Razi Berry

Phoenix, AZ, USA