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Hello, my name Anthony. I had a third stroke over 4 weeks ago. I suffered 2 strokes in 2017. Thru 6 weeks of therapy, I walked out of rehab with no permanent signs of having a stroke. I didn't realize how lucky I was. My last stroke was more severe. It has left me almost paralyzed on my left side again and this time affected my speech and vision. I was at Memorial Hospital in South Bend, IN for the past 4+ weeks going through physical, occupational and speech therapies. Unfortunately my insurance company would no longer pay for my treatment, even though I was making tremendous progress. The insurance would only approve my stay at a subpar facility giving me only 5 hours of therapy a week. Whereas the hospital was giving me 15 hours a week. What I need this money for is a wheelchair, hemi walker, and an AFO for my left foot. My insurance company will not pay for these essentials. This facilities equipment is either non existent, or broken. I can order these items at Walmart and have them delivered here. I live alone and need to recover to the best of my abilities to return to being self sufficient again. I do not have any family or friends that have the money to help. Any additional funds would help with essentials such as an electric shaver and hygiene products, This is so embarrassing to ask for help.I was always the one that was able to others. Another thing too, my insurance will only cover my stay on a monthly basis. The director told me the insurance will only give me a few days notice if they won't cover the upcoming month(s). So if I'm not self sufficient, I don't know what I will do. Also, if I'm not able to make a sufficient recovery, I may need assistance with employment and residency. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again, thanks for any help you're able to provide. 

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Anthony Aguirre

South Bend, IN, USA