About this fundraiser

Robyn is 57 and began seeking medical help for concerning symptoms in October 2022.  

  • November 2022 diagnosed with Liver Cirrhosis
    • There is no cure, just maintenance, like lifestyle changes.
  • December 2022 diagnosed with Hepatitis C
    • Insurance denied a MAVYRET prescription, an antiviral used over a 3-month period to kill the Hepatitis C virus.
      • We have been able to pay out of pocket for insurance & get the medication covered! She began taking it in June 2023 and has reached a healthy weight as we wait for results to see if the medication got rid of the viral infection.
  • February 2023 diagnosed with Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma evidenced in the lungs, liver, stomach & uterus.
    • She began chemotherapy for 6 cycles immediately after. Chemotherapy cycles ended in June 2023
    • She will begin Immunotherapy shortly which is a maintenance therapy to keep the growths at their current size and keep her feeling as good as she does (being able to eat, do house chores, spend time w/family, etc.)
    • A port was inserted July 2023 to make the delivery of IV immunotherapy safer and to protect her veins (something we also had to fight insurance about as this should've been a first step in the interest of protecting her veins primarily - insurance SUCKS).
  • November 2023
    • Beginning Chemotherapy again as the growths in her stomach have continued to get grow.

We are currently keeping these bills from chemotherapy/hospital/surgery/doctors visits in a folder until we can properly deal with and/or pay them.

They claim that she is a part-time employee and therefore is no longer eligible for prescription coverage which leaves us also paying out of pocket for those. 

Any  donations are appreciated. At this point, it' s about comfort and making Robyn's quality of life as enjoyable and stress free as possible. 

Please contact Marissa (908)938-8867 if you have any questions or want to donate in another capacity.

Organized by

Marissa Barradale

Clinton, NJ, USA